12v Electric Hookah Diving Kit with Regulator


*Our most popular and most recommended kit for first time divers*


Includes regulatator for enhanced air regulation and easier breathing.12v Hookah diving air compressor Power:120w 12V Weight: 9 lb *battery not included Lightweight aluminum with easy carry handle Uses our long life, oilless, efficient, DC motor designed for clean breathing. One of the advantages of this system is the low power draw of 10 amps of safe 12v DC current. With the average deep cycle marine battery you will have enough power for all day use. Also you can put the compressor and battery on a float and not be encumbered by the length of the hose. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Rated for 15 feet of depth. 25 ft (35 ft available add upgrade to cart) diving dedicated, food grade hookah hose, brass direct screw connection to air compressor.


International Customers give a minimum 6-10 business days for arrival.


*Battery not included


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